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Dahlz by Nashya Dahlz by Nashya
Talked to my mom cause I was feeling really down. I feel better now. Did this to kill time.

[Edit] Before anyone mentions it, lol. Her body is supposed to look kinda wobbly and outta proportion. Long arms, long legs, stumpy feet. She's got the mass or physical structure or... whatever of a plant. Like the stem of a flower and such.

All painter 6. I don't know what just happend but during this pic I had a revelation about my art. Things are going to be better now.

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secondhandben Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2012
This is beautiful! :)
TibixNinja Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
she is like part mushroom and part leaf i like it ^.~
Mythee Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I love all of these so much. ;v; I wonder what the largest print size is?... I want all of them. On my wall. xDD
elephant123 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lol I tried to do what she's doing with her hand thats in the air and hurt meh self...
botchiball Featured By Owner May 13, 2008
hmm, this one is great but definately a second to the rose image.
rekam Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2007
nice concept
varsityashton727 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2007
i think the body's gorgeous!!!
and it really reminds me of a stem!
lovely work!
arina-kaji-GOF Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2007
it's like each one is ther onw kind of leaf^^
IllusionsofDreams Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2007
I like your creature she is very elegant
ba-do Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2007
You always seem to be able to put elegance in each of your pieces with ease. I really love your flower girls.

sdrawkcaBsi Featured By Owner May 16, 2007
I love the 'veins' (can't remember actual name for them) running down her body and the funky mushroom-y hair.
Miss-Anthro Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2007
i think the anatomy suits the character :)

love that hair shading!
I absolutely love the look of this one. The flower for her hair, really suited her nicely.
Nobiax Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2006
Lovely art

pretty girl ^^
painbunny Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2006  Professional General Artist
Great colouring, love the backlight..
kaleadora Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is my favorite in the series. The pose is so dynamic and I adore the purple backlighting, and the shape of her hair could really make me swoon. A definite favorite!
kauai Featured By Owner May 11, 2006
Your use of flow is just stunning!
ppgrainbow Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome hairstyle, pose and anatomy! The background came out really good too. :aww::heart:
avencri Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My, i find this wonderfully appealing!
cheenot Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
she is so gorgeous ;0;
Helena4372 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2005
I love this so much! the pose is unusual and unique just like the character. The bluey/purpely on her left side is nice it gives me a feeling like her skin would have an almost "pearl" finish and there would be subtle changes to her skin colour in different lighting...anyway that's enough crapping on.. awesome work!
sspulsa Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2005
Thats pretty freakin gooo :D
I like her hear alot, and how her legs and arms are longer and stuff but it doesnt seem to be wrong... get it? :P
F-2-8 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2005
mm. fantastic. maybe even an improvement, but so hard to tell.
SpyG Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Sweet~~~ =3
Jem1358 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2005   Traditional Artist
Is there a close up of this picture, like of her face? If there is I'd really love to see it so I can make a wallpaper for my desktop. I made wallpapers of two of your Goddess series, because I thought they were so pretty! I love your pictures. The characters are all so graceful and the coloring and shading is so beautiful! This picture is no exception. She's so pretty, and really does look like a flower. :)
TriforceWarrior Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2005
you have a wonderful gift at coloring as well as form, great stuff!
ladyarianrod Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2005
Very cool and leaf-like. I like the little water droplets as well.
Peter-T-D-Walker Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2005  Hobbyist Writer
Ooh :O
Again...Your work is nothing less than stunning!
kitsuK8 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2005
i :heart: it!
Draconisferret Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2005
now that is cool.....
adding to favs
theblackwillow Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
love love love it! fantastic work! :+fav:
Sakki-chan Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2005
Really cool idea. :O_o: I'm actually quite captivated by the image. Really cool.
RiversLy-Chan Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2005
shes cute and carefree... beautiful work as always :worship:
RedVinken Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2005  Student General Artist
I love these Dahlz! :D she's very elegant in her dance! :)
AngelCyn Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2005   Photographer
PoizonMyst Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2005
she's beautiful :) nice work.
SithLordLiisa Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2005  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
She is very lovely...are you gonna make a rose girl sometime? That would be nice :rose:
canvasch Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2005   Interface Designer
wonderful image... i hope you start feeling better.... *adds it to his favorites*
Mike Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2005
awesome work!
Kristoski Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2005
I'm really impressed with the leaf-like design on her stomach. I look at the picture and I think of a flower sprite or a dryad or something - it really gets my imagination going. I love the languid pose that suggests fluid motion, and the hair is awesome - I actually really like the fact that you can't see her eyes. Beautifully done!
Loa4eVER Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2005
Cool dancer.
FairLily Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2005
i love the hair :D
Reizend-Unsegen Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2005
very interesting
NeverNegative Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2005
OMG!!!! :jawdrop: She is absolutly beautiful!!!!Who cares if her body is out of purposely did that!!!! I love how you made her look like shes dancing!!!!
fogimages Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2005
I just love these guys!!
disturbedchild666 Featured By Owner May 18, 2005
This piece is gorgeous! I love how her pose resembles a plant. I really love how her hair is a flower :D
pixie-the-gator Featured By Owner May 16, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this peice is so lovely. it's full of fantasy and fun! the figure is so dainty. the coloring is amazing!
7amano7 Featured By Owner May 13, 2005
you do THIS to kill time :nirvana:

WOW amazing!!!
frozennova Featured By Owner May 12, 2005
Cool! You are so talented when it comes to digital art. I love your use of colors!
valoncia Featured By Owner May 8, 2005
wow, this is so beautiful, i love her body, how you amde it
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