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August 24, 2008
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Just Two Wishes by Nashya Just Two Wishes by Nashya
No need for three.
I've got power and money.
The rest comes for free.


So this was for *jisuk's dark fairy tale card deck "Broken Spell". I chose Aladdin and he is the King of Hearts. I... totally couldn't think of any other version of this story besides the Disney version so I corrupted it. Poor Aladdin. I figure after being a starving street rat for however long the guy would probably be pretty power hungry and resentful. Damn setting Genie free ya know? And Jasmine probably wouldn't have noticed him until he tried to take advantage of her. Aladdin basically became Jafar. He probably shanked that loser the moment he saw him too. *cackles*

HEY! Let me be a nerd okay?! Anyway, this is tame but I hope the implications are there. A few other ideas I had were almost too mature ^^;... BUT only hinted at. I hope this is dark enough too ^^. I enjoyed this way too much and the colors are like candy! I really want to watch Aladdin now too.
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ElenaMegan Aug 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist
AMG best Aladdin so far, mno offense, but I like twisted versions of Disney fairytales...
beautiful colors
If he's gone full-bore evil now, it would only take one:

"I wish to have infinite power without any responsibilities, obligations, or any other thing that would prevent me from doing what I want to do at any time."

Come to think of it, I never understood why that wasn't his first wish in the movie, either. Then he could have set the genie free right away and averted most all of the movie's problems.
Really great ! I love their expressions !
I think my ovaries exploded .__. thanks ♥
Vanerasa Sep 14, 2012  Student Artist
Wow. I remember watching Aladdin, like, a BILLION times when I was a kid, and this takes that disney version and, you said, it completely twists it. Gosh, the way it's turned around and corrupted almost makes it more realistic in a sense. Let's be honest: true love like Disney's never comes around often enough, and what you did here kind of portrays that. After all, could a "street rat" /really/ hold his power as well as it's made out to be? ;3
Sexy, beautiful, and dark. Just what the doctor ordered, I think.
Wonderful :clap: :love: :heart: Thank you so much :)
Aladdin is still sexy, no matter how you twist him. <3 He was my first crush as a child. . . LOL.
candylover75 Jun 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
this would have been a cool twist
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